Calendula oil - virtues and a simple and easy recipe!

Calendula oil - virtues and a simple and easy recipe!

On the shelf in the balcony, in the winter sun of Israel, jars of calendula flowers in olive oil rest happily on them. Mesmerized by the colors and ease of the flowers in the sea of ​​olive oil, we waited several weeks patiently, to use up quality calendula oil , literally every drop. From the oil we concocted a miracle paste, which was pulled out of the bag almost every visit to the garden and every family trip.

Calendula flowers are beautiful, have a powerful color and many virtues. The flowers can be eaten in a salad, brewed into tea and mixed with oil (recipe follows), whatever you choose, you will add a lot of color and health to your life.
The orange color of the flowers indicates a high content of antioxidants that are very good for the health of the skin and because it is a very delicate oil it is common in many products for babies and children.

Five virtues of calendula oil:

  1. Helps heal wounds
  2. Reduces skin irritations
  3. anti inflammatory
  4. regenerates tissues
  5. relaxing

Calendula oil is very easy to prepare and contains only two ingredients that are very easy to find in any health food store.

  • 500 ml of high-quality cold-pressed oil - olive, almond, grape seed, etc.
  • 25 grams of dried calendula flowers - it is important that they are orange.
  • sterilized jar.

So a few simple steps and you have quality calendula oil, are you ready?:

  1. Fill the jar with calendula flowers, compress if necessary.
  2. Add the oil we chose, fill it all the way, until it covers all the calendula flowers.
  3. Placed in a bright and warm area for a month.
  4. Filter the oil well using a cloth/strainer

The oil is ready!

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