Privacy policy

When placing an order to purchase products through the website, the buyer is required to enter personal information, order details, credit card information, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "the details") into the system. The website owner and/or its operators and/or its managers and/or its representatives shall not be responsible for any errors made by the buyer when entering the details. Additionally, they shall not be directly or indirectly liable for any case in which purchase details are not received by the system and/or for any technical or other issue preventing actions on the website.

Entering false details is a criminal offense. Legal steps, including claims for damages that may be caused to the website, its owner, its operators, its managers, or its representatives, will be taken against those providing false information. In the case of incorrectly entered details (including personal details of the buyer), NOOVI and/or the website operators reserve the right to cancel the transaction without deducting any other claim or right.

The operation details on the website, including transaction details and buyer details (except for credit card details), will be transferred through an encrypted security protocol (SSL) commonly used in e-commerce, to the server managed by the website. These details will not be transferred by NOOVI and the website operators to external parties, except as required to complete the buyer's purchase transactions. In internet payments, the buyer will directly provide credit card details to the clearing company without going through NOOVI at any stage of the purchase. In phone purchases, the buyer will provide credit card details to a NOOVI representative, who will enter them directly into the clearing company's servers without storing the details with NOOVI. NOOVI reserves the right to use the details provided by the buyer (excluding credit card details) for statistical analysis purposes. In any such case, the data will not be personally attributed to the transaction and will not identify the buyer in any way.

NOOVI is authorized to send email and contact transaction participants in writing or verbally with any information regarding NOOVI transactions, updates on the website, advertisements from selected commercial entities, and more, unless the buyer informs in writing that they do not wish to receive such information.

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