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We women have the power to influence our health, that of our family and also the environment.
It starts with small choices, in our private space - what do we eat and what care products do we use?
What products do we buy for our children? What materials are they made of and under what conditions were they produced and in fact - what is their environmental price beyond the price at the checkout?

Hi very nice, I am Dana.
Designs, creates, dreams, sews, embroiders and illustrates Novi's friends.
Mother of three sweeties and several dolls...

Novi's friends are charming dolls full of character that are designed, sewn and embroidered by hand.
Each of the dolls is one of a kind, and is sewn with great love and with a lot of investment down to the smallest details.
The dolls are made of natural fabrics and dressed in clothes that I design and sew especially for them.

Along with the dolls, you can find in Novi a variety of products that are really fun to receive and buy from natural and high-quality raw materials, which are good for us and good for the environment,
All the products are made by me, handmade and reflect my passion for design and a greener world .. in reusable packaging, without plastic and all this without for a moment giving up design and handmade production down to the smallest details.🌿✨💖.

Birth cases for mother and baby, blankets, quilts and rattles sewn from soft, pleasant and ecological fabrics.
Handmade soaps, creams and candles from natural materials that are carefully and lovingly chosen ❤️

A new generation, this is a wonderful opportunity to do things a little differently,
So why not start with the first gift?

I share all this magic a lot on Instagram, so I would really appreciate it if you followed it





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